Thursday, February 27, 2020

Zero 2016 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Zero 2016 - Assignment Example Real home gives person confidence in own power to have a better life (ProvidenceJournal). Also, this program helps people to understand that they are not left behind. 3. The campaign targets chronic and veteran homeless people who are promised to be given an affordable housing during next two years ( «Zero: 2016 »). Basically, the campaign helps senior people who need someones help to have a better life. The campaign is powered by public and private sponsors who invest in affordable housing, training and rehabilitation for the homeless. It creates an environment where people can learn how to live in a different way. 4. The theme of the campaign is the permanent struggle with homelessness in the USA. Initiators of the campaign believe that shared learning environment and active community involvement can end homelessness faster than other conventional methods used to take homeless people away from streets. This campaign follows another successful campaign against homelessness called 100,000 Homes.  «Community Solutions Announces Selection of 71 Communities to Participate in Zero: 2016 ». Community Solutions. November 4, 2014. Web. December 15, 2014. ProvidenceJournal.  «More than a place to sleep: In R.I., a housing first solution for chronic homelessness ». Youtube. June 25, 2014. Web. December 15, 2014. <

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